Meet Us.

As a collective, PinPoint is a team of approachable experts connected by our passion to make a difference in people’s lives. Our curated group of honest and hardworking individuals become an extension of your team. We’ll explore with you. We’ll learn with you. And because of that, we’ll expand our collective knowledge with you. Together, we are PinPoint Collective.

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Stacy Morton Callighan Co-Founder | Design

My passion for design began at 7 years old when I wanted to become an architect. Nearly 15 years later, while obtaining my MArch at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, I realized that wasn’t my trajectory. Instead, I learned the ‘why’ behind my drive – to make a difference in people’s lives through the experiences I could design. Today, my work lies at the intersection of architecture, ethnography and technology. As a designer, I believe it is my responsibility to extend human potential and promote social change. As part of the collective, I leverage human-centered research to design experiences that disrupt the way we think and make an impact in the world.

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Faith Hurley Co-Founder | Strategy

My unquenchable curiosity to study human behavior began during my career as an actor. Even as a young child, it wasn’t the idea of being “famous” that inspired me, but rather the drive to connect with people through creating authentic moments they could instinctively relate to and more importantly – feel. My education and years of experience within the design thinking industry taught me an innate ability to ‘walk in someone else’s shoes” to discover the human behind every user. Today, I use these skills to uncover the complex needs in order to guide others through the art of empathy and storytelling to an authentic solution. As a strategist within the collective, I leverage human-centered research to develop strategic experiences that will not only exceed business objectives but also make an emotional impact on us as humans.

What’s with all the shoes?

Our business is about meeting you where you are, taking a walk in your user’s shoes, and proactively seeking valuable insights direct from the source in pursuit of real change in the world. Where we stand influences how we behave, so when our boots hit the ground, they do it on your soil with your user’s needs at the forefront of our mission. These feet are a reminder of that perspective and the purpose with which PinPoint operates.