Authenticity Matters


This month, we couldn’t help but explore the representation of women across media in our Pin•Points That Matter. We’re an eclectic mix of women, yet none of us truly felt like we were authentically depicted across most brands out there – and we interact with a lot of brands! So we put on our detective hats and uncovered we weren’t the only ones.

  • 89% of women claim responsibility for daily household shopping – Capital One, 2023
  • And 76% of women are more likely to buy from brands that feature people who look like them – AARP, 2023
  • Yet, 51% of women between 18-49 years old say they rarely or never see themselves in media at large – AARP, 2023
  • And only 20% of women in all age brackets feel women over the age of 50 are positively portrayed in advertising – AARP, 2022

This data shows us that the people most responsible for daily shopping are perhaps the least represented by the brands they are shopping from. And that’s a problem! Especially when we know women are more likely to purchase from companies that share their values and speak to their needs. Hence the importance of deeply understanding who your customer is and rolling up your sleeves to find out. Fun fact: there’s no one who likes to roll those sleeves up more when it comes to learning about women than the PinPoint crew!