Data That Matters: Mental Health


This month has been Mental Health Awareness month – which means we’ve been paying special attention to data that matters in this space. If you know us, you know that we always start with the numbers so that we can learn where to dive deeper and unpack the ‘why’.

This month, we dug into data around mental health and relationships. What we found was both promising and heartbreaking. But unless we acknowledge the facts, we can’t work to make positive change.

97% of Hinge users want to date someone who actively cares for their mental health – GDI, 2021
80% of people with mental health problems say it affects their relationships including loss of libido, feeling unattractive, and self consciousness – Nemours, 2023
Yet 9 out of 10 people dealing with mental health problems say stigma and discrimination have a negative impact on their lives –, 2021

Please speak up about these issues. Do not stigmatize how serious mental health issues are and the impacts they have on our lives. Now is the time.

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