Data That Matters: Team Burnout


This week, we dove into data around burnout, but found ourselves in a rabbit hold of idleness. As University of Virginia Professor, Leidy Klotz, puts it, achieving idle requires people to “subtract complication” from their lives by doing things such as option out of crowded schedules or incorporating white space into the day.

Why is this important? Because 40% of our creative breakthroughs emerge during moments of downtime, yet 67% of companies are impacted by leavism – when employees use time off to do the work they can’t manage to finish during normal working hours.

To all the leaders out there – do something about this. It is not ok to leave a generation at the brink of collapsing. It is also not ok to suffocate productive & innovative thinking. yes, it will be hard, but the ramifications will be harder.

If you or your organization are ready to show up for your team or employees, please reach out and let’s grab a coffee.