New Year, New Habits

I'm dreaming of a delightful business retreat.   |    12.22.20

Remember all of those naive resolutions we made this time last year as the new decade rolled in? Things like “eat less calories”, “drink less wine”, “travel the world more”. Well, 2020, we saw your cards and we’re not making those mistakes again! We’re meeting 2021 wiser, hardened and with enough sarcasm to weather whatever sh*tshorm this new year has in store.

This past month, we spent quality time looking back on the last year, writing PinPoint’s five, ten and fifteen year story as well as mapping out 2021’s steps towards making those dreams a reality. Not only was it a cathartic experience, but we left our retreat inspired, encouraged and ready to manifest our future. We’ll call that another ‘2020 excuse’ for an additional glass of wine…

But leading up to our founder’s retreat, we struggled finding frameworks that inspired us to escape from the day to day and actually sit down to dream. After tedious searching, scrolling and article parsing, we ended up crafting our vision setting framework leveraging pieces of famous processes out there in combination with a few of PinPoint’s own.

As believers in the power of mindshare, we want to save others out there looking to envision the future of their company the time Googling ‘how to lead a business goal strategy retreat that isn’t boring or cheesy. So here you go:

1-Day Business Goal Setting Agenda

Take it, break it, make it your own. By no means do we believe this is the end all be all – there are many frameworks and systems out there that go into much more depth. But we do hope this agenda can serve the purpose of getting your ball rolling and identifying where more depth is needed. One learning for us was the value of having a neutral voice beyond your team to facilitate the process. We encourage you to lean on your peers or experts to play that role and if you are looking for one, we’d love to help! Share your thoughts, your questions, tips and learnings – you know where to reach us (

2021 – we’re all coming for you!