Reflecting on Year 1

PinPoint 1st Anniversary   |    07.16.19
Faith and Stacy's shoes as they stand across from each other

This week, we celebrate our one-year anniversary of PinPoint Collective.

It has been a year full of achievement, challenges, successes, roadblocks – but most importantly learnings that will continue to push and grow both our business and ourselves. This anniversary, we took time to reflect on our top 12 learnings (one per month) that we hope can inspire us or others into the next 12.

  1. ALWAYS GRATEFUL – a theme that will continue, but starting first and foremost with gratitude towards those who took the first chances on us. Forever and always, thank you.
  2. RETURN TO WHY – at our onset, we developed PinPoint’s “why” – to make a meaningful impact in the world. We are grateful for coming back to this “why” in helping make every decision the right decision.
  3. REMAIN EMPATHETIC – thank you to our many research participants who have opened up in times of vulnerability to share their experiences and enabled us to design a better future.
  4. STAY FOCUSED – we are grateful for outside forces, beyond our control, pushing our limits and teaching us to stay consistent, poised and focused. It’s this focus that has taught us how strong we truly are.
  5. LOOK FORWARD – remain constantly curious, whether looking inward or beyond ourselves. We are inspired by what is to come.
  6. TRUE COLLABORATION – by surrounding ourselves with people smarter than us and their individual expertise the work has always gone further.
  7. CELEBRATE THE WINS – from large business wins to small personal gains, we are thankful we took the time to celebrate our wins. Everyone needs & deserves them.
  8. SAY “YES” – on even the most tiring of days, we have learned to say yes. We are grateful to those yes-es – they have taken us to places we wouldn’t have otherwise been.
  9. LEARN FROM ALL – we recognized humans interaction is different today than even 5 years ago. We appreciate that we have the ability to share learnings across industry lines to impact human life as a cohesive whole.
  10. SUPPORT IS VITAL – thank you to all of our friends and family for the outpouring of consistent support & guidance we have received. It means we never stand alone.
  11. STAY HUMBLE – we acknowledge that we have and will continue to make mistakes. However, each mistake has empowered our growth and has only changed us for the better.
  12. WORK HARDER – we have gratitude for showing up everyday and hustling harder than the day before. Because of this, we are manifesting our own futures and impacting the lives of others.

– Faith & Stacy (Co-Founders, PinPoint Collective)