Repurposing Old Research


Love research? Not everyone does, but we do. And chances are since you’re here, you do, too. Learning more about a market segment and how to reach them with meaningful information is our version of a raging party. We have to admit, we haven’t been to very many ragers, but we imagine those two things are quite similar. 

When it comes to research, many clients have the same initial question. Sure, we know you can do research for us, but what can I do with this research I’ve paid for in the past? As it turns out, if you like research like we do, you’ve probably already gathered some of your own.

Recently we had a big client come to us with this very concern. They had stacks upon stacks of very meticulous, very expensive research, gathered over time with the help of other companies. But they felt deflated, because they couldn’t see where it had gotten them (aside from slightly poorer). Luckily for this situation, here’s where we thrive. We took that research, and dove deeply into the heart of it. 

What did we learn from this, you might ask?

  • They had defined a handful of customer personas and knew exactly how each of those customers engaged with their brand.
  • They had performed several qualitative interviews before launching their last newest product to influence its go-to-market strategy.
  • They had generated enough ideas to write an entire book for what to launch next.

However, despite all of this, they still had some very important questions, including:

  • Why were customers still going to their competitor?
  • Why wasn’t the newest product performing as expected?
  • And how do we even begin to prioritize this endless list of ideas to pursue next?

That’s where we helped out. We were able to take their existing research to inform answers to many of their questions, and pinpoint gaps so that we could quickly & effectively get fresh data to answer the remaining ones.

In short, having lots of research is never a bad thing, even when you feel like you don’t know what to do with it. All you need is a partner who can help you work through some design thinking methods to get from the oh no’s of a data dump to the ah ha’s of organized, actionable data that works for you and your company.

Do you have some old research you’d like made new again? Or do you just want to geek out together about design thinking? We’d love to chat about either! Schedule a chat or just email us at