Shared Voices

Insights Catered to YOU

PinPoint was founded on the belief that great design starts with great research, and we’re excited to introduce our new initiative: Shared Voices. We’ve created a new spin on trend reports straight from the source. Far more than a survey, but cheaper to produce than a full pin – we’ve found the Goldilocks approach to gaining actionable insights into specific questions. This kind of research reveals nuanced and actionable findings.

A core tenant of PinPoint’s process is walking in the shoes of others because every unique perspective starts with a unique stance. That’s why one of our core pins is Become Your Audience, learning from a firsthand perspective through one-on-one qualitative interviews to uncover the ‘why’ behind data points.

Shared Voices is a crowdsourced qualitative research initiative, which allows you to access actionable research insights without funding an entire research study by yourself. At a fraction of the cost of a pin, join us in changing how research is done.