Design Thinking. Simplified.

We work with B2C business leaders to outpace their competition and grow revenue by 100%+ using our proprietary and proven 12 Pin Human-Centered Process.

How to PinPoint

After working with the world’s most influential companies for over a decade, we evolved our design-thinking process specifically for small to medium sized businesses.

While others may complicate their process & be ambiguous in their outputs, pins are here to make innovation easy.

Click play to learn how to PinPoint.

Meet a pin.
Each pin is one design thinking module.
Each with a different capability.

Pins are organized into 4 verticals for your ease.

2 verticals are to better understand your users.

1 vertical is to better understand your team.

And 1 is to design your future vision.

The first 3 verticals are foundational to identify opportunities & pain points.
We’ll start here with every execution.

In the design phase, pain points are turned into PinPoints.
Research findings are used to design your future state.

No matter where you are in your process, choose your collection of pins to make an impact in the world.
Let's PinPoint together.

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