At PinPoint, we believe great design starts with great research.

From pain points to Pin-Pointswe’re ready to shape the future.

Yes, that’s how we got our name!

Welcome To PinPoint Collective.

Our Purpose Seriously

We live a mission to advance female leaders and create more inclusive communities using what we call equity-centered innovation.

Innovation what?

What is ‘equity-centered innovation’ you might ask? Whereas equality means treating everyone the same, equity means providing everyone with what they need to have the same chance at success – and that only happens when we approach people as individuals. As female entrepreneurs, we experienced what it means to be underrepresented. It’s no longer enough for executives to sit around a boardroom making decisions based on what they think people want.

We’re here to change that.

Let’s problem solve!

Equity-centered innovation incorporates underrepresented voices into the design process, allowing their voices, context, and needs to directly influence goals and outcomes. We follow this process because we know that the more we can collaborate with the audience we design for, the more seats they have at the tableand the more thoroughly we can solve the problems they have.

Our team is an exceptional set of dedicated researchers, strategists, and designers, all who have made a conscious decision to impact the people who come in contact with our work. We come with different points of view, backgrounds, and life experiences, ensuring thatfrom the very start and each step forwardevery voice is represented and involved in meaningful change to the products, services, and offerings that influence our communities.

Faith & Stacy

Do you share our mission?

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Let’s get you oriented.

Which of these sound like you?

We have the next big idea, and we just need help bringing it to life.

That’s an awesome(🤩), yet intimidating (😬) place to be. Based on where you are in your process, our research pins make sure that you’re doing the right thing, and then our team of creatives takes you to the finish line and makes sure you do the thing right. We got your back from start to finish.

Think frozen food meets a complete grocery experience. Unique, right? Wild Fork thought so too, but as they planned to rapidly expand across the United States, they needed help executing a retail experience that could span from Florida to California. That’s where we met themusing our competitive analysis tools and architectural design expertise to define a retail experience unlike any you’ve experienced before warm on the outside, cold on the inside.


Wild Fork found their a-ha moment in creating a kit of parts for their store designs. Every store has a unique footprint, but our systematic approach ensures they scale with efficiency and consistency.

We sense a shift and want to seize this moment.

We love a shift! We’re constantly following behavioral trends around the world to best guide you at this very moment. We’ll validate your gut with our data sources and then research directly with your audiencegiving them the opportunity to tell us what the shift means to them.

When the world turned upside down, aka. the pandemic hit, the way diners engaged with restaurants shifted overnightincluding their desire for pizza. Lou Malnati’s noticed a change in delivery & curbside comfort but questioned if the behavior was worth investing in for the long haul. PinPoint analyzed their existing numbers against nationwide purchasing trends & predictors to define a series of strategies that will differentiate Lou’s in the pizza-receiving game.


Lou Malnati’s found their ‘a-ha’ moment when we uncovered a need for variances between an urban & suburban curbside experience so that they can exceed expectations no matter where their customers order from.

We have an idea and want to validate it before investing.

👏 We applaud you for doing your due diligence before taking the plunge. Investing can be a big risk, but our pins were designed as a low investment option to guarantee that return. We’ll use a combination of quantitative & qualitative research to not only validate your idea, but generate the hows of its success before you put all your eggs in one basket.

The Director & Board of the Algonquin Area Public Library District (AAPLD) sensed their building was no longer serving their community in the ways it could and should but didn’t know where to start. For them, providing design direction to an architect would be shooting in the dark. PinPoint was enlisted to validate the board’s assumptions by forecasting nationwide library trends and working directly with its patrons to co-create what the community needed.


AAPLD found their a-ha moment in identifying a difference between a me vs. we spacetransforming the library from stacks of books to an indoor-outdoor community hub.

We can evolve in many exciting ways and want to start with the biggest impact.

You’re in good companywe have too many post-its to count. Luckily, our pins are here to help you define a roadmap for success. We’ll meet with your customers or your team (oftentimes a combo of both) and define success criteria that will ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

When the CEO and Founder of Coaptmaker of pattern recognition technology for upper arm prostheticscame to us, there was no shortage of ideas to grow the business. The list spanned from recruitment strategies to sales tactics, but he needed a way to prioritize. PinPoint stepped in to complement his nimble team as Coapt’s in-house / out-of-house design think tank focused on iterative research and strategic roadmapping to support the team where they needed it most.


Coapt found their a-ha moment when research with amputees uncovered a difference in congenital vs. traumatic pain pointsredefining their omnichannel marketing strategies.

We know we have to lead, and we’re just not sure where to begin.

You aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last. In today’s world of too many options, it’s no wonder choice fatigue is a thing. When that happens, there’s no one better to turn to than the ones who pay your billsyour audience. We’ll use our pins to walk in their shoes and hear directly from the source what you could (and should!) do more.

When the pandemic hit, Byline Bank’s headquarters transformed from a 300+ person workplace to everyone working from home. After a year of this new work style, the exec team recognized their 40,000sf open office was likely no longer be the most effective use of space. In collaboration with a local architecture firm, PinPoint was brought in both to learn firsthand what their employees needed and define a custom workplace strategy for the bank’s future.


Byline found their ‘a-ha’ moment when the research identified an opportunity to leverage branches as neighborhood hot spots and the downtown headquarters as a communal meeting hub.

We are losing sales to our competition and want to change the game.

This can be quite the pickle. Luckily, we’re from Chicagowe eat pickles for breakfast! Our pins are designed to uncover the root of the problem by walking in the shoes of your customers and your team. We’ll discover why your customers are leaving, but more importantly, how to get them back.

During the transition from one owner to the next, the new head of Columbia Street Roastery didn’t understand why his customer base was shrinking. That’s where our pins met him. We started by analyzing the market, not just by the numbers, but also by the way people make coffee decisions. We found a gap in the industry and co-created a new opportunity with a refined audience base before launching a new (now strategic) brand.


Columbia Street Roastery found their a-ha moment when we discovered a need to relate with entrepreneur coffee drinkers beyond just coffeetransitioning into a lifestyle brand.

We know we could connect with our target audience in a better way.

LinkedIn and Facebook and Insta, oh my! Look, whether it’s social media, sales methods, a storefront, or any other slew of entry points to reach your customers, figuring out the optimal channels to invest in is challenging. With a focus on your past numbers and our data sources, we’ll find the best right option for you.

We found it flattering when one of the top design thinking companies, Grand Studio, asked us to figure out how best to swoon future clients & recruits. They knew their existing branding & website no longer put their best foot forward, but wanted an outsider to help figure out the why and how. Through a series of internal visioning sessions, 1:1 client interviews, and industry analysis, we identified Grand Studio’s target audience, strategic branding & shiny new website.


Grand Studio found their ‘a-ha’ moment when we uncovered varying needs from prospective client types at distinct moments in the sales process.

We have a ton of data and need to make it meaningful & actionable.

First off, we tip our hat towards your research investment! It can be a nebulous spendand regrettable if that pile of research sits on a desk with no next steps. Luckily, that data is meaningful, no matter where it came from. Our pins are here to decipher your existing research, uncover what needs more answers and turn those insights into action.

As the face of dentistry began to shift, the American Dental Association invested in data to better understand the evolving dentist. After a series of large-scale research initiatives, the ADA needed support translating their data into a meaningful membership for women & minority dentists. We used our pins to marry their quantitative data with our qualitative research to define a series of evolved offerings, including virtual programming, IRL events & benefits.


The ADA found their a-ha moment when we discovered a shift in lifestyle priorities across generations and geography.

So who exactly are your clients?

Equity-centered innovation happens not when we isolate within a single industry but when we cross-pollinate learnings from one industry to another.

That’s why we purposely expand our collective knowledge with progressive leaders from healthcare to retail to financial services and everything in between.