Empathize With Your Team


This in-person workshop is best utilized when teams are disconnected from the emotional and physical needs of their customers, making it challenging to drive empathy-forward decision making internally.


Oftentimes, it isn’t until we walk in the shoes of our customers that we truly comprehend the deep emotional and physical needs they may have. This full day workshop brings your team out in the world to live a day-in-the-life through a series of unexpected and thought provoking activities.



Your team of up to 10 people.


Please allow 2 weeks to initiate our partnership, 3 weeks to plan, 1 full day session together, and 2 weeks to deliver the final output.

We explored beyond pharma to innovate the caregiver journey.

A pharma company knew it was time for their team to think outside the box. A longtime patient-forward organization, they sensed patients giving up responsibilities to their caregiver – an audience they knew little about. To build empathy with their changing target, PinPoint welcomed their department of 8 to Chicago where we spent a day out in the world living the life of a caregiver taking care of a patient. The team left not only with deeply rooted empathy that impacted their internal decision making, but brought their team closer together all in all. 

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