Listen To Your Team


We know many of your internal stakeholders have different perspectives on the company’s future. This pin allows us to be a third party and uncover those honest perspectives. We do this so that we can discover similarities, differences, and patterns across each individual’s goals to generate strategic alignment.


Following 1:1 sessions with (8) of your team members, we will develop a document that identifies patterns, opportunities for strategic alignment, and next steps for your team to conquer.


Your team.


Please allow 2 weeks to initiate our partnership and 4 weeks to complete this pin.

We refined the essence of Chicago Pizza.

After 50 years serving Chicago’s most legendary pizza, Lou Malnati’s was determined to refine their strategy from family-owned to Chicago-essential. We started by listening to the teamfrom the first employee to the latest hirein order to unearth forgotten start-up tales, pizza fan memories, and all the cheesy stories in between to generate a vision for the future.

Wanna Grab a Coffee?

We would love to hear more about you and your “A-ha!” or “Oh-No!” moment. Don’t have one of those? Let’s use it as an excuse to get caffeinated!

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