Become Your Audience


We leverage this pin when we need to learn from a firsthand perspective. What’s most important is that we’ll uncover pain points. With this information, we can determine how your offerings need to evolve so that your business transforms those pain points into high points.


We will create a document that captures research photos, distills our uncovered patterns, and defines design directives that will become the guardrails, or rules, which we use to develop all your future experiences.


Your current customers.


Please allow 2 weeks to initiate our partnership and 4 weeks to complete this pin.

We built an affinity with upper arm amputees.

Before launching their second-generation product, the CEO of Coapt knew he had to learn directly from those it would impact most. Our research with amputees uncovered a difference in congenital vs. traumatic pain points that influenced a revision of Gen2’s omnichannel strategy.

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