Identify Your Audience


We leverage this pin to deeply understand both the quantitative demographics and psychographics of your target customer base.

By identifying existing household budget spend, socioeconomic traits, consumer preferences, etc., we can pinpoint how your offering ranks against your customer’s expectations and their inherent behaviors.


We’ll create a document that defines your target customer’s demographics, psychographics, and purchasing behaviors, including comparable companies in and outside of your industry.

This document will serve as the basis for all future research protocols and experience concepting.


Your target customer base.


Please allow 2 weeks to initiate and 4 weeks to complete this pin.

We used data to uncover how people drink.

As veterans in the spirit industry ventured off to create a brand new low alcohol spirit company, we identified a set of potential consumers driven by their demographics & lifestyle behaviors before selecting a target audience to design the brand around.

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