Collaborate With Your Team


Your team knows your business best. That’s why we like to leverage your expertise, working with a group of driven internal stakeholders to choose a specific topic to tackle based on your team’s goals.


There are a lot of frameworks out there, but we’ll choose the best for your team’s purpose and lead you through uncovering the unknown. Following a 1-day session, we will synthesize learnings from the day into a digestible document with concrete next steps for your team to champion.


Your team.


Please allow 2 weeks to initiate our partnership and 4 weeks to complete this pin.

We were in it for the long haul designing the future of food shipments.

The innovation-led team at Relish Works, a subsidiary of Gordon Food Services, tasked PinPoint with a full day workshop helping their team define a new digital tool that would make long-haul food shipping more effective. Together, we crafted and refined a physical prototype that would be taken out in the field to co-create alongside truck drivers following our session.

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