Women’s health has been a hot topic around our office this month, so we spent some time digging in to unpack the gender disparities between men and women in this space. Of course we knew there would be some shocking statistics out there, but what we learned was even more surprising than we anticipated.

Women spend 25% more of their lives in debilitating health than men, and are under diagnosed for certain conditions – Harvard Health Publishing, 2019
Women spend 11% of their income after tax on healthcare, compared to men who spend only 7% – Capital One, 2023
Women of all ages pay a total of $15.4 billion more than men on annual out-of-pocket medical expenses. In 2021, that meant women paid about 20% more than men and only 2% of which could be accounted for by maternity care – Deloitte, 2023
Yet, women weren’t included in clinic trials until 1993National Institutes of Health
And a survey of medical residents found that 58% had received one lecture on menopause in their training and 20% had received no menopause training whatsoever – Mayo Clinic, 2019

This is the kind of information that makes us want nothing more than to dig in and understand not only the WHY, but what how this is affecting the 169 million women in our country. If you, too, are interested in the state of women’s health and looking for someone to share all the feels with, let’s grab a cup of coffee.