Kicking Off International Women’s Day Month

It’s that time of year again!

We are kicking off International Women’s Month 2023 – a PinPoint tradition since 2019. What the heck is ‘International Women’s Month’ you might ask! Well, March 8th, 2023 is International Women’s Day in which IWD celebrates women’s achievements, raise awareness about discrimination, and take action to drive gender parity. 

Prior to the pandemic, we hosted an event on International Women’s Day with a group of bada** women to empower, empathize, inspire, and learn from one another. Through that event, we realized women deserve more than just one day of awareness – so we made a month out of it!

Our inaugural International Women’s Month came to be in 2020 (we didn’t let any ole pandemic get in the way of us celebrating incredible ladies in our lives) and every year since, we’ve released a calendar highlighting a different task to celebrate, raise awareness, and take the action IWD strives to achieve each day throughout March. Our goal was not to add any more to our already full plates, but rather take this month to be intentional – carving out small, sometimes cheesy, moments each day to reflect and celebrate meaningful women and allies in our lives.

And here we are, releasing our 4th follow along ‘program’ of sorts for you, too, to intentionally celebrate the incredible humans in your own lives. Click on the calendar below or this link to download our 2023 calendar complete with 23 small, random acts of kindness.

Please feel free to save it, print it, pass this along to any and all women in your circle – after all sharing is our love language. Speaking of sharing, please feel free to share any and all that you take from this activity and this month – we would honestly love to hear. Don’t hesitate to post on Insta, fire off an email, grab a coffee, or send a pigeon carrier – we don’t care about the channel, we would just love to connect and hear from each of you.

Happy (almost) International Women’s Day Month – we appreciate you!

This week, we dove into data around burnout, but found ourselves in a rabbit hold of idleness. As University of Virginia Professor, Leidy Klotz, puts it, achieving idle requires people to “subtract complication” from their lives by doing things such as option out of crowded schedules or incorporating white space into the day.

Why is this important? Because 40% of our creative breakthroughs emerge during moments of downtime, yet 67% of companies are impacted by leavism – when employees use time off to do the work they can’t manage to finish during normal working hours.

To all the leaders out there – do something about this. It is not ok to leave a generation at the brink of collapsing. It is also not ok to suffocate productive & innovative thinking. yes, it will be hard, but the ramifications will be harder.

If you or your organization are ready to show up for your team or employees, please reach out and let’s grab a coffee.

We love us some research quotes! A few of our favorites from a round of interviews unpacking what #dei should mean within #sports and #entertainment.

If your organization is looking to listen to your audience – we’re here for you! Reach out and let’s grab a coffee.