Driving the Shecovery

A New Normal Trend Report   |    03.16.21

It’s no surprise, the recession has disproportionately impacted women, especially Black, Brown and young women. In the US alone, over 5 million women lost their jobs this past year. 

Not only that, both employed and unemployed women have taken on the brunt of housework chores with 69% saying their physical health has been impacted since the pandemic – moving beyond burnout into completely maxing out.

In a world where women are 3x more likely to sacrifice careers for kids, these effects have lifelong impacts. Without a female footprint in decision making rooms, future generations will suffer.

Governments and brands must learn from women and normalize discussions of gender parity. This report explores the shecovery and introduces solutions and strategies to support and empower women.

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Mes Internacional 
de la Mujer

Making the Celebration Even More Inclusive   |    03.02.21

We were absolutely delighted when Roanoke Spanish reached out following the release of our International Women’s Month program, and then amazed at their offer to translate our program into Spanish for the Latina community. Our mission has always been to create more inclusive communities and this is one of those moments when you get to see your mission come to life.

Huge thank you to Elda Stanco Downey, PhD for reaching out and for such a generous offer. Below you will find our translated program for all the Latina women in your life. Please share it, save it, print it, and pass this along to any and all Latinas in your circle.

¡Feliz Mes Internacional de la Mujer!

International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women's Day & Women's History Month 2021   |    03.01.21

This March, PinPoint Collective is proud to be celebrating Women’s History Month – including International Women’s Day on March 8th. In any ‘typical’ year, we would host an event at our studio with a group of bada** women just like yourself to empower, empathize, inspire and learn from one another. Although this is anything but a typical year, we’re not letting that get in our way of connecting and celebrating each of you – and all of us.

Below you will find a program of sorts, highlighting a different task each day of the month. Our goal is not to add to any of our plates, but rather take this month to be intentional – carve out small, sometimes cheesy, moments every day to reflect and celebrate meaningful women including yourself!

Please feel free to save it, print it, pass this along to any and all women in your circle – after all sharing is our love language. Speaking of sharing, since we can not gather in person, please feel free to share any and all that you take from this activity and this month – we would honestly love to hear. Don’t hesitate to post on Insta, fire off an email, drop us a line or send a pigeon carrier – we don’t care about the channel, we would just love to connect and hear from each of you.

Happy International Women’s Day Month – we appreciate you!

Stacy & Faith