Seems like all we hear about these days is #AI. What are your thoughts on it? Is it going to destroy our world? Is it going to make our world better?

We’re all ears – let us know what you think!

Reflecting on 5 years since PinPoint was founded made us realize how effortless, yet challenging it is to celebrate small wins as they happen. Let’s be real, the big ones are easy to reflect on, but the small ones are what make those milestones happen.

What we learn in these numbers is that celebrating small wins is a form of selfcare.

Recognizing those wins can turn a bad day into a good day.

And there is significant room for improving the recognition to ourselves and others.

87% of Americans believe recognizing small wins each day is crucial to self care
83% who celebrate small wins believe it only takes one win to turn a bad day into a good day
Yet 79% of Americans have left a job because they felt under appreciated

What small win can you celebrate today?

We feel so honored to do what we do. Every month, we go out in the world and listen. We listen to inspiring people with lifestyles far different than our own so that we can design places, brands, products, and digital touchpoints that matter to THEM.

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from last month.

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Last month, we had the privilege of researching brand loyalty – specifically what makes us want to or not want to stick with a brand. What did we learn? Well, companies viewed as making the world a better place are the companies we also keep going back to!

What companies are you most loyal to?

If you or your organization are looking to build a deeper relationship with your audience, and drive brand loyalty, please reach out and let’s grab a coffee.

This week, we dove into data around burnout, but found ourselves in a rabbit hold of idleness. As University of Virginia Professor, Leidy Klotz, puts it, achieving idle requires people to “subtract complication” from their lives by doing things such as option out of crowded schedules or incorporating white space into the day.

Why is this important? Because 40% of our creative breakthroughs emerge during moments of downtime, yet 67% of companies are impacted by leavism – when employees use time off to do the work they can’t manage to finish during normal working hours.

To all the leaders out there – do something about this. It is not ok to leave a generation at the brink of collapsing. It is also not ok to suffocate productive & innovative thinking. yes, it will be hard, but the ramifications will be harder.

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We love us some research quotes! A few of our favorites from a round of interviews unpacking what #dei should mean within #sports and #entertainment.

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The way GenZ consumes content has changed the game and the content itself is changing societies. Yet, organizations are behind the curve and not showing up in ways that matter most.

We believe data like this only helps us better understand behaviors of people, and from that understanding, shore up in ways that make a positive impact for those people.

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We share these data points 1. because they are important to understanding humans, but 2. because it’s PinPoint’s mission to turn these data points into action and help companies do something with it.

If your organization is looking to learn more from GenZ – there are many more facts where these came from! Reach out and let’s grab a coffee.

According to the UN, by 2025 one in six people in the world will be over the age of 65, up from one in 11 in 2019. As our global population lives longer than ever, the World Economic Forum has proclaimed aging well a ‘lifelong healthcare priority’. 

As we live longer, it opens up new opportunities, challenges and ways of thinking about health. When we look at the economics, GenXers have a reported $2.4trillion in spending power in the US and Boomers account for 70% of household wealth at $28.6trillion.

This mini trend leans into what ‘aging well’ will mean and how we as consumers and businesses can show up for this consumer in both a thoughtful and meaningful way. If your organization is looking to learn more about these age groups – there are many more facts where these came from! Reach out and let’s grab a coffee.

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A study published in the medical journal, The Lancet, found anxiety disorders had increased by 25% globally between January 2020 and 2021 – over 76 million cases recorded across that year. Not surprising as the pandemic combined with high levels of political, economic and environmental uncertainty.

Today, 61% of global consumers are concerned about the world’s outlook and 23% deeply worry about it. Anxiety, stress, and depression are influencing the way we aspire to impact our wellbeing, our care needs and our priorities. 

This mini trend explores the top three anxieties driving new behaviors and the opportunities we as consumers and businesses can take to address these new attitudes for the positive. Have you noticed these anxieties creeping into your own emotions? As a company, have you noticed their impacts on your employees and your customers? Please share – let’s grab a coffee and chat about it! 

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