We feel so honored to do what we do. Every month, we go out in the world and listen. We listen to inspiring people with lifestyles far different than our own so that we can design places, brands, products, and digital touchpoints that matter to THEM.

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from last month.

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We love us some research quotes! A few of our favorites from a round of interviews unpacking what #dei should mean within #sports and #entertainment.

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According to the UN, by 2025 one in six people in the world will be over the age of 65, up from one in 11 in 2019. As our global population lives longer than ever, the World Economic Forum has proclaimed aging well a ‘lifelong healthcare priority’. 

As we live longer, it opens up new opportunities, challenges and ways of thinking about health. When we look at the economics, GenXers have a reported $2.4trillion in spending power in the US and Boomers account for 70% of household wealth at $28.6trillion.

This mini trend leans into what ‘aging well’ will mean and how we as consumers and businesses can show up for this consumer in both a thoughtful and meaningful way. If your organization is looking to learn more about these age groups – there are many more facts where these came from! Reach out and let’s grab a coffee.

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A study published in the medical journal, The Lancet, found anxiety disorders had increased by 25% globally between January 2020 and 2021 – over 76 million cases recorded across that year. Not surprising as the pandemic combined with high levels of political, economic and environmental uncertainty.

Today, 61% of global consumers are concerned about the world’s outlook and 23% deeply worry about it. Anxiety, stress, and depression are influencing the way we aspire to impact our wellbeing, our care needs and our priorities. 

This mini trend explores the top three anxieties driving new behaviors and the opportunities we as consumers and businesses can take to address these new attitudes for the positive. Have you noticed these anxieties creeping into your own emotions? As a company, have you noticed their impacts on your employees and your customers? Please share – let’s grab a coffee and chat about it! 

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Shocking (and not shocking), over half of today’s consumers actively support brands and purchase from companies whose purpose-driven missions align with their own values.

As companies are now being audited by public discourse, organizations like The Black In Fashion Council and The Valuable 500 were developed to help companies achieve diversity goals with the goal of fostering a more inclusive culture.

This mini trend shares the expectations customers have of inclusive brands and ways companies can show up for those behaviors. Are you making changes in your organization to stand by your inclusive mission? So are we – let’s grab a coffee and chat about it! 

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In the last few weeks, we’ve heard from a good handful of people in our circle that they are venturing off to live a nomadic lifestyle where they can work from anywhere.

It turns out, this trend isn’t isolated in our own community. As of today, over 35 million people globally consider themselves digital nomads – freely traveling and working from wherever they please. And because of this, an entirely new type of adventure dubbed ‘bleisure travel’ – blending business and leisure – has formed.

This mini trend explores how new travel communities are showing up for this workforce in meaningful ways – and ultimately how employers can support this way of living. Are you interested in discovering how your company can show up for this evolving workforce!? So are we! Let’s grab a coffee and chat about it! 

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This report explores how the Gen Z workforce is shaping new attitudes & behaviors in the workplace. These workers are quitting and changing jobs 40% more than last year – why!? Well, that would take some qualitative research, but this report at least shares some tactics orgs can take to invest in the recruiting & retaining of this workforce.

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In honor of Earth Day, we dug into consumer behaviors and sentiments related to eco-positivity so that we could project opportunities for companies and consumers to make an impact on this planet we call home.

Sustainability is a complex issue, no matter how you dice it. There is no easy solution for brands, instead it’s a continuous journey for companies to thoughtfully show up. And as consumers, we have the responsibility to choose our actions and the brands we support to be part of the change.

This mini trend shares tips and tricks for companies and consumers to make an impact on our environment – not just for Earth month, but for every day of our lives.

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The term ‘CleanTok’ and ‘cleanfluencer’ has exploded in 2022 – expanding our perspectives on what it means to be clean in a post-pandemic lifestyle.

New cleaning routines are going above and beyond stain-removing tips and instead focusing on the long term life of beloved furniture and objects.

With more people than ever saying they ‘enjoy cleaning’ (shocking, we know), this mini trend explores how we might lean into these evolved behaviors and develop meaningful, stress-relieving habits that connect mind & home.

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Just about a year ago, we talked about the ’Shecession’ and Covid’s disproportionate impact on women – especially Black, Brown and young.

Well, friends, we hate to say it but not a whole lot has changed. And if the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t wait around for the big guys to make it happen.

To date, the women’s movement has celebrated female power, strength and resilience, but in a world that continues to thicken around us, a new wave of women are choosing to connect with their femininity in novel and more intimate ways.

This mini trend explores the continued implications of the pandemic on women and how small actions can make big impact.

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