The Future of Work

A New Normal Trend Report   |    09.20.21

We have never received so many requests to define the ‘Future of Work’ than we have these last few months – and rightfully so. As companies are forced to write (and then rewrite) back-to-office protocols, the pandemic has generated a lot of questions around what the future of work should look and feel like.

These questions have even spread beyond business and into government. Finland recently voted the Working Hours Act into law formally allowing employees to customize their work schedule around personal preferences with a three hour window before & after traditional working hours.

This mini trend explores the behavioral trends that have transpired in our research as well as physical and cultural opportunities worth exploring. Get ready, world, the office is about to look and feel a whole lot different.

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The pandemic shed a light on the weaknesses of global social, political and economic systems leading to a 2020 World Economic Forum survey that found 86% of respondents globally would like to see more sustainable and equitable products in the post-pandemic market.

According to a 2020 report by IBM Institute for Business Value, 6 out of 10 consumers are ready to change their purchasing behaviors to minimize their sustainable impact – from environmental to societal.

This mini trend explores actions for integrating sustainable and dynamic adaptation, resilience and long-term growth as we all try to build back better. For more trend reports, check out our Instagram.

Lessons From Gaming

A New Normal Trend Report   |    07.27.21

Video games continue to garner mass adoption across all demographics, and with that comes a new wave of game types and the creators that make them.

Today, video game developers are harnessing the power of their audience to deliver meaningful change at a mass scale – something every business can learn from. Beyond traditional methods of game mechanics, creators are encouraging a shift towards more inclusive & engaging approaches to design.

This mini trend shares the latest trends in video game development as a means for inspiring creators, innovators & business leaders beyond gaming to think outside the box.

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Combatting Boredom

A New Normal Trend Report   |    06.29.21

This past year brought our global society enough negative inputs to last us a lifetime – from once-in-a-century pandemic, political & civil unrest to an economic recession. The result? 77% of adults feeling bored along with a collective loss of meaning.

To say boredom is a transformative emotion would be an understatement.

Boredom and languishing (check out our last article) is increasingly influencing how people behave, consume and feel. This mini trend unpacks the emerging mindsets driven by boredom and tips for individuals and businesses to lead the way to optimism and hope.

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Slanguage 101

A New Normal Trend Report   |    05.23.21

As Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Twitch become our go-to means for communicating, the use of shorthand and emojis have taken over our vernacular – and become the cornerstone of online youth vernacular.

These phrases, slogans and hashtags are driven by ever-changing subcultures, social networks, and limited character count – which when combined – evolve at lightning speed. 

This mini trend is your guide to today’s most recent viral slanguage, whether you hope to tap into the latest hashtags yourself or decode your niece’s handle, we’ve got your back!

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Taking Ownership of DE&I

A New Normal Trend Report   |    04.16.21

2020 brought many a renewed realization – and education – of inequality throughout our many systems and because of that, the coming years need to be about making this newfound knowledge actionable.

As our expectations evolve, so must our actions. Companies and brands are responding to new demands by designing avenues that emphasize equality – be it programs, products and everything in between.

This mini trend explores tips & ideas to transform your DE&I thoughts into actions. To help you on your diversity journey and keep you accountable, please consider championing the following groups:

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Driving the Shecovery

A New Normal Trend Report   |    03.16.21

It’s no surprise, the recession has disproportionately impacted women, especially Black, Brown and young women. In the US alone, over 5 million women lost their jobs this past year. 

Not only that, both employed and unemployed women have taken on the brunt of housework chores with 69% saying their physical health has been impacted since the pandemic – moving beyond burnout into completely maxing out.

In a world where women are 3x more likely to sacrifice careers for kids, these effects have lifelong impacts. Without a female footprint in decision making rooms, future generations will suffer.

Governments and brands must learn from women and normalize discussions of gender parity. This report explores the shecovery and introduces solutions and strategies to support and empower women.

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State of Social

A New Normal Trend Report   |    02.13.21

We are witnessing an influx of social media like never before. The average person now scrolls the equivalent height of the Empire State Building worth of content daily, which comes out to nearly 2.5 hours per day.

Long story short, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out amongst the overly saturated crowd. But those who turn to joy, share news of truth and who amplify creativity will be the ones who rise to the top.

This trend report identifies new attitudes and cultural shifts impacting the social landscape and what that means for connection, community and consumption in the year ahead.

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Time Perception

A New Normal Trend Report   |    01.21.21

Lockdown after lockdown has warped our sense of time. Add the sudden shift to a remote workforce across multiple timezones and we have saying ‘routine what?’.

We seem to have too much #time, not enough time, or a complete loss of what time it even is! This memory-to-time reflection is part of a wider behavioral trait psychologists are now calling the ‘resistance bump’.

This mini trend uncovers opportunities for resisting the ‘bump’ via tips and tricks to make time feel less warped.

We hope these new normal trend reports help small businesses and entrepreneurs come back strong and seize opportunities during this time of rapid change.

If you need a thought partner to iterate and talk through next steps with your team, we’re here for you.

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A Time For Moonshots

A New Normal Trend Report   |    12.15.20

As we all place our hope in science, there is an increasing appetite for moonshot moments. Now is the time for investing, for research & development and to get ambitious.

‘Moonshots’ are projects that seem unlikely to succeed, but with the right team, investments, bravery and determination can make important contributions to an industry. Most importantly, they’re on the rise.

Spotify co-founder, Daniel Ek, has committed $1billion on European moonshots around biotech and material science. H&M launched in-store clothing recycling machines that remake knits into new items live. And Flash Forest has committed to 1billion trees by 2028 using drones to reforest the nation.

This mini trend explores ways that you can initiate and embed moonshot processes into your company – no matter the size.

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